Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Hate Birth Control

That's really all I wanted to say! I hate being back on birth control. I'm moody, cranky, and just plain don't feel good. I'm nauseated and have a headache. Ugh... 3 whole weeks of this...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Take Two

I went to see the RE today and didn't actually see him... I just saw his nurse, Amy. We did another vaginal ultrasound... yay. Surprisingly, my lining wasn't super thick. I hope that's not another problem we're going to have to deal with later. We chatted a bit and I got a prescription for a month of birth control. It worked last time to bring on a cycle so hopefully, it will work again. So, I'll take the 3 weeks of pills and then wait for a cycle to start. Then it will be blood work on cycle day 3. We also talked about getting my HSG scheduled. That needs to be done on cycle day 8-10 (depending on how the days fall). Looking at a calendar, I should be able to get it done right before we leave for Vegas on June 19. I'm really anxious to get moving on this. I've started to get a bad, "why me" attitude about the whole thing when I really need to stay positive.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Time Wasted

Well, the last 4 months since I first visited the RE have basically gone to waste. I've had no cycle, so no blood work has been done and we're still sitting in the same place. I finally called his office and told them what was going on thinking that he would just prescribe some different medication to bring on a cycle. Nope, he wants to see me. So, I have an appointment on Monday afternoon. Probably going to get another ultrasound... yay... I'll post tomorrow about anything I find out.