Wednesday, March 10, 2010

38 Weeks

I had my 38 week appointment this past Monday. Not much new to report. I got another internal exam (no bleeding this time... yay!). However, there wasn't any cervical change from last week. I'm still 2cm, 25% effaced and -3 station. My OB told her to come towards the light because we have pizza out here! She's still not listening. I did ask at what point we would consider inducing. I'm perfectly ok with carrying until my due date, but Dr B said we could have a plan in place for if I go over. He's out of the office all week next week for his kids' Spring Break, so I'll be seeing one of the other OBs in the office. I'd like to go ahead and schedule my induction then, but don't think I can do that without him. I guess if I make it to my 40 week appointment (actually 40w3d) then we will schedule it for some time that week. However, knowing my luck, she'll come on her own. It will just be next week while he's gone! I've always known it would be a slim possibility of actually having Dr B do my delivery, but had a little bit of hope. Oh well, I know she'll come when she's ready and if it's while he's gone, then so be it.

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Janette said...

I hope she waits until your doc is available!! It's so nice having the doctor you're familiar with be there reassuring you and just being that comforting presence.